Top 10 Most Competitive Specialties of 2011

It has been said that one way to really measure a specialty’s competitiveness is to compare the specialties by the percent of medical students who did not match into the said specialty.  As this will give an idea which specialties are the most highly sought after.  If this is a good way to measure competitiveness, then it is really easy to compare specialties.  In the NRMP’s Results and Data: 2011 Main Residency Match Table 14, we can easily compare them.
Most Competitive Specialties 
(in order of competitiveness – unmatch percent)
1. Plastic Surgery (24.6%)
2. Orthopaedic Surgery (20.6%)
3. General Surgery (14.9%)
4. Dermatology (14.8%)
5. Radiation Oncology (14.1%)
6. Neurological Surgery (11.8%)
6. Otolaryngology (11.8%)
8. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (8.2%)
9. Emergency Medicine (7.3%)
10. Obstetrics and Gynecology (5.5%)
For comparison sake, here are some other specialties unmatch percentages…
– Anesthesiology (2.8%)
– Family Practice (2.4%)
– Internal Medicine (2.7%)
– Neurology (2.3%)
– Pathology (3.4%)
– Pediatrics (2.5%)
– Psychiatry (3.7%)
– Radiology (2.1%)
2 Responses to “Top 10 Most Competitive Specialties of 2011”
  1. Jason Sanchez says:

    This is misleading because there are multiple paths to plastic surgery. Many apply after surgery residency. Further, it is almost universal for people applying to plastics (and also ortho, to a certain extent) to also apply to surgery residency. Really they are just different “surgical tracks.”

    Dermatology is the most competitive specialty. There are no “alternative tracks” to getting into dermatology. You either do or you don’t (and try again).

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